Surveying skills

river flowEver since I can remember the natural environment has been important to me - even if when I can first remember that involved clambering over piles of wood, or twirling in circles on a rope swing below an oak tree.

After university, that enthusiasm turned to working for nature conservation from Shetland to Sussex - some great opportunities, some beautiful places, some paid, some not.

wood sorrelI worked for the Scottish Wildlife Trust for 11 years, here in the Highlands, but in 2000 left to became a freelancer.

That led me away from conservation for a while, and some fascinating work - often community-based and - as before - some paid, some not.

But in 2011 I returned to my nature conservation routes and had several exhilarating weeks carrying out ornithological surveys on a proposed powerline upgrade.

Now I've got the bug and, undaunted by Highland weather, hope to continue with ecological surveying.

You can see a summary of my work experience by downloading my CV.

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