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Caroline Vawdrey

Looking back

Added on 16 January 2013

East Church, Cromarty

Work at the  East Church, Cromarty is now complete and the church is open to the public.

It is great to be able to share enthusiasm for this fascinating building with the visitors, both through meeting them, and through all the interpretive  material that I and David Alston have put together, working in collaboration with designer and photographer Iain Sarjeant. You can download some examples below:

north loft booklet
kirkyard information board

Even though conservation work is complete the pleasure of meeting experts in many fields - architects, building conservation workers, stone masons, glass restorers, paint experts - remains vivid. There was always so much to tell  people about, through the website, newsletters, notices and press releases. Everyone working on the church soon became used to me taking photographs of them and to appearing internationally via the website, or locally in the Cromarty shops and post office.

We ran some great training days in association with the conservation work on the church and many popular open days for visitors and local schools, you can find out more about these on the news pages of the website.

Some earlier work

Cromarty Courthouse logoI worked on an interesting selection of things 2010, including writing a report for Scottish Natural Heritage about raising health awareness and healthy activity in the workplace.

I chair the Cromarty Courthouse Museum Trustees and wrote our 2010 exhibition on Black Isle Author Jane Duncan, which celebrated the centenary of her birth.