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Caroline Vawdrey

Looking forward to medieval Cromarty

Added on 27 April 2015

Anticipation of another season's digging for medieval Cromarty begins to mount by this time of year. The past two season's have been absolutely fascinating, as the Cromarty Medieval Burgh Community Archaeology website shows. I, like many people, go along as a novice volunteer, but the expert archaeologists who lead the dig are so encouraging and informative you can't help but be drawn in.

I've just updated and re-designed the leaflet for this year, and I've been immensely lucky to design the previous years too; do an interpretive panel for the site and exhibitions for the East Church, Cromarty and Cromarty Courthouse Museum. Thanks to some additional funding from the Art Fund we were able to put on an end of season exhibition last year - and the same is planned for this year. It is a great way to show all the informal fun of the dig alongside the finds and thoughts about the site.

This year we'll also be planning and creating our permanent exhibition for the courthouse -again all thanks to the Art Fund.

So - as you can see, a visit to Cromarty is a must for summer 2015!