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Caroline Vawdrey

Thanks to volunteers

Added on 16 January 2013


Volunteers run an open day at the East Church, CromartyVolunteers do so much to make our communities great places to live - so it is nice to see this article on the East Church, Cromarty website in praise of their efforts.

I'm now a volunteer for ARCH (Archaeology for Communities in the Highlands), for whom I've been working for the last year as outreach worker, and latterly helping complete their Stop, Look and Listen project. This included comprehensive social accounts covering all 6 programmes and three years of community work. The whole audit process was very helpful to assessing how we'd done - very well I'm glad to say! It was also fun to be able to make the document a bit more decorative and user friendly. 

You can take a look at the double-sided A4 summary here - but the whole document is too big for a download. If you'd like a copy ARCH would be happy to send you one.

Now we're working towards our next 3 year community project 'Telford's Highland Heritage'. We're excited about it - and I'm happy to report that we've recieved development funding from HLF - for which we are immensely grateful.